Kalos Press
a literary imprint of Doulos Resources

Reseller Information

We welcome bookstores and other resellers who wish to stock our titles. To order online and receive our discounts, you must have an existing reseller account with us. The terms described below apply only to U.S. resellers.


We offer "short" (20%) discounts on orders of books from resellers in quantities of less than 10 units, and "full" (40%) discounts for 10 or more units sold to resellers.

These discounts are based on a single order shipped to a single location.

The "10 or more units" may be for the same title, or mixed titles -- as long as there are a minimum of 10 total books ordered, the order will qualify for the full discount.

Minimum Order

The minimum reseller order for our books is $10.00


Existing reseller customers will be extended credit on a 30-day basis from the date of invoice. New/first time resellers must pre-pay for the first two orders.

New Accounts

Click here to contact Doulos Resources (our parent corporation) and inquire about establishing your reseller account today!