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Bruce Ray Smith

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Bruce Ray Smith was born in Dunedin, Florida, in 1952. He spent most of his life as a teacher, and eventually acquired a Ph.D in English literature, from Washington University in St. Louis. Though unquestionably a Christian living in, and struggling with, the twenty-first century, his love of seventeenth-century English prose is evident in his first book, Winter Light.

The part of his life most relevant to
Winter Light began in 1980, when he returned from L'Abri Fellowship in Greatham, England (he was a student, not a teacher), to join a small group of Christians who had moved to,and formed a church in, a poor, racially mixed neighborhood on the north side of St. Louis. Most of them, who were young then, are still in the same neighborhood thirty years later, and remain a tight-knit community. Bruce chose not to pursue an academic career when he realized that the meaning of his life was tied, in every way, to his church (Grace and Peace Church) and his neighborhood.
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Bruce Ray Smith
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Titles by this author:

Having Said Goodbye (coming in 2017)