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Margie L. Haack

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Margie Haack grew up in Minnesota, a stone’s throw from the Canadian border. While she was a pre-med student at the University of Minnesota, she met her husband, Denis, who changed the course of her life. Their years together have seen many turns, including living in a commune in New Mexico. Their move to Rochester, Minnesota included a search for meaningful Christian community, and it was there they came to know and be mentored by Francis and Edith Schaeffer. More recently, Margie and Denis have moved down the road to Savage, MN.

Margie’s life has been one of glad collaboration with Denis as they have shared a love for home and hospitality, for art and culture, and for the prodigal, unpredicted nature of God at work in ordinary life. They are Co-Directors of
Ransom Fellowship, a ministry devoted to helping Christians thoughtfully love and engage the world with integrity. For many years, Margie’s calling has included writing a quarterly publication of personal essay and ministry news until recently called Notes from Toad Hall (now entitled Letters from the House Between). Her work appears in Art House America, Comment magazine, The High Calling Blog, and Washington Institute for Faith. She also keeps her own blog at Toad Drinks Coffee.

Margie and Denis have three adult children and 8 grandchildren she wishes were underfoot more often.

More About Margie
Read this great interview by Katy Bowser on the Art House America blog, entitled "Let Them Kiss the Dog: an interview with Margie Haack."

Also learn more about Margie (and find many of her essays and lectures) at her website,
Margie's Stuff.
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Margie L. Haack

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