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Taylor Shepherd

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Despite being written off by psychiatrists as too damaged to accomplish anything of value as an adult or even live independently, Taylor Shepherd has had a life full of God’s grace and purpose. From having several poems published while in high school, publicly speaking out on the connection of pornography and incest in her twenties, attaining over 120 college credit hours in her thirties, teaching others with mental illness to self-monitor wellness and plan ahead for times of increased symptoms in her forties and now in her fifties teaching women’s Sunday school, serving as a Compassionate Care Coordinator and secretary for the Women’s Ministry in her church. Taylor is also serving as part of a small committee with the Special Needs division of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Mission to North America, seeking to put together educational materials and suggestions for outreach and enfolding individuals and families dealing with issues of mental illness.

Taylor currently lives in Oklahoma and seeks to encourage others who have or are suffering. Sharing Biblical truths of how most times God’s love and grace does not mean removing our mountains, but He does even better by being the presence that brings us through our trials and speaks healing in our lives. This is the promise of Scripture she shares in her memoir.

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Taylor Shepherd

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