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It's no surprise that the staff here at Kalos Press are fans of the writers we publish. But we don't just love reading their Kalos Press work, we love reading their work wherever it shows up!
And we love sharing it with you. So here, from around the web, are some of the latest articles and posts from our writers:

-Taylor Shepherd, author of the upcoming title "Surrounded by Evil: Saved by God", writes about Broken People on the Outside Looking into the Sanctuary of the Church. Here's a snippet:

How Christ must weep at every lonely, hurting heart seeking the fellowship of His body and finding none. Worshiping God and the teaching of His word is the backbone of the church but loving those the world calls “unloveable”, befriending the lonely, caring for bruised reeds and fanning into flame the flickering flames is the flesh of Christ’s Church.
Read the rest here.

-Jennifer Hallmark, one of the contributors to the upcoming title "Not Alone: A Literary and Spiritual Companion for those Confronted with Infertility and Miscarriage", was interviewed this week on Blog Talk Radio's "Literally Speaking". The conversation covers her writing life, in both fiction and non-fiction.

Jennifer's segment starts at about the 6:16 mark, and she and the hosts discuss "Not Alone" at about the 19:20 mark.

-Finally, in their update this week, Image Journal included a lovely little review of author Nancy Nordenson's book "Finding Livelihood".   Here's a snippet:

Lyrical, layered, and philosophically rich, this book shows compassion for different walks of life, and a loving observance of life's minutia.

Read the rest here.
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