Building a Fantastic Franchise – Roxanne Conrad – Leaders Who Scale – Episode #005

For many entrepreneurs looking to start their first company or their fortieth company, the world of franchising offers incredible opportunities. Here to help walk you through this world is Roxanne Conrad who has experienced amazing success with her own franchising efforts. You’ll learn about what to look for when selecting a franchise, what to expect for support when starting out, and what you need to do to start scaling your new business!


~For owner/operators, it can be hard to find time to work on the business instead of working in the business. Try to build out the team around you, so the operation of the business does not rely entirely on you and you can focus on scaling.
~With businesses that are limited by the seasons, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining the necessary amount of labor in those peak seasons.
~Part of the issue with maintaining labor throughout the seasons for some businesses is the necessity to constantly search for new labor and also train that new labor quickly and effectively for that peak season.
~There are many benefits to choosing to start a franchise, not the least of which often include ready made marketing elements, an established customer service infrastructure, and the necessary tools and software.
~Set boundaries for yourself to get away from your business and invest your time into other aspects of your life.
~If you make your hiring decisions based on whether or not a candidate fits with your culture, you will not only strengthen the culture but also ensure that that culture is felt by everyone including your customers.

Quote of the Show:

~“It doesn’t matter what another company has as far as how they treat their employees. It only matters for us, we only care about our culture” – Roxanne Conrad


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