How to START a BUSINESS in Germany? (Selbsttätigkeit/Gewerbeanmeldung/Freiberufler)

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We have talked about internships, part time jobs and full time jobs in Germany, now is the time to discuss how you can start a business in Germany just in case you make up your mind alongside your job to be your own boss and start working for yourself (which in my opinion is definitely the best thing you can do!) even when it could be a bit of a struggle for the starting days. What’s my main motivation for it?
You don’t work for somebody else, but you work for your own. You don’t go out of the house to fulfill somebody else’s dreams but to work on your own.
To give you a nice quote in the description:
There are two types of people in the world: The ones who work for themselves and the ones who work for others. 😉

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