Managed Services: Building a Successful Marketing Plan

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Voodoo. A waste of money. Fluff. Immeasurable. These are the descriptions many MSP managers attribute to marketing, so it’s no wonder many prefer to do the bare minimum or avoid the topic altogether. In spite of these conceptions, effective marketing is a vital component of an MSP’s success. It’s what makes the phone ring, creates demand, and conveys your value. If you want to take some of the guesswork out of marketing and start building an intelligent plan that ultimately helps boost your company’s results, view this webcast replay. Entitled “Growing Your MSP: Developing a Marketing Plan”, this webcast replay will reveal the 4 key objectives your marketing organization absolutely must accomplish, the 5 sales and marketing truths that must be embraced in order to position your services for success, 8 key measurements for tracking and refining marketing effectiveness, the 4 cornerstones of winning marketing plans, the 5 most potent marketing tactics that MSPs should be leveraging. Learn more at